The beautiful fruit machine Bonus Wheel is one of the best known slot machines of Powerjackpot and for good reason thanks to the special bonus wheel, the Wheel of Fortune, there are many extra points to earn. The Bonus Wheel slot machine is a colorful and nice slot machine which is equipped with four reels on which you play the basic game and with a special Bonus Wheel on which you can play a bonus game with up to 200 points extra to be won.

How to play the slot Bonus Wheel
You can play the Bonus Wheel with 1, 5 or 10 points per game round. The game has a basic game and a bonus game. The basic game is played on the three visible reels and the bonus game can be played on the Bonus Wheel if you get three symbols with the wheel. You get this only when you bet 5 or 10 credits per game round. You start by setting the bet you want to play with. You do this by clicking ”choose game”. If you play with 1 credit per spin you can win the prizes you see in the diagram to the right of the reels. If you play with 5 or 10 points per spin you can win the prizes that are shown in the diagram at the left above the reels. When betting 5 or 10 points per round the bonus symbols are also active. If you get three bonus symbols you can play the Wheel of Fortune with a chance of winning 200 points extra.

Under the rollers you see the buttons with ”hold”. This allows you to secure a role with a favorable position for the next round of play giving you even more chance of winning a winning combination. For the players who do not always want to click the Start button. The Bonus Wheel slot has an ”autoplay”  function. This allows you to run the slot machine automatically. You can of course always interrupt this again.

Play the fruit machine Bonus Wheel for real money or for free.
You can play the Bonus Wheel for real money but of course he can also be played for free. You then get a certain amount of play money with which you can start playing the game and see what he has to offer. Of course you can not collect the prizes you win in this case. For that you have to play with real money. To do this, click on the ”play for real” button. You can then log in to your account at Powerjackpot or create an account if you do not already have one. You have to enter a number of details and then you can deposit money into your account.

Play the Bonus Wheel for real money
It is of course much more exciting to start gambling with real money on the Bonus Wheel. You can also collect all the prizes that you have won in the game. At Powerjackpot you can deposit money into your account with the secure and highly reliable payment system iDeal or you can do it by telephone. For a call of 1.30 you receive 13 credits or you buy 8 credits for 80 cents. The prizes you have won while playing on the Bonus Wheel can be easily and quickly paid out. After a request for payment. Powerjackpot will ensure that your winnings are paid within 24 hours on the bank account you have specified.