With the Golden Oldie slot machine from Powerjackpot revive old times. This beautiful fruit machine has 8 reels and can yield you many points when you bet 20 credits. The Golden Oldie is an old acquaintance for many players and gambling on this nice slot machine is certainly not difficult. It is suitable for every player whether you are a seasoned slot machine player or a novice player the Golden Oldie is for everyone a beautiful and exciting casino game where you can collect a lot of points.

How to play the Golden Oldie
The Golden Oldie has two times 4 reels and you can bet with 5, 10, 15 or 20 credits per game round. Once you have opened the game you can see this very clearly. Simply click on the button with the bet of your choice.

If you play with 5 credits per round you play on 3 reels and 5 paylines are active. If you bet 10 credits per game round you play on 4 reels and 10 active paylines. If you play with 15 points per round you play on 7 reels and 15 active paylines and if you bet with the maximum so with 20 points per turn you play on all 8 reels and 20 paylines are active.

In addition to the roles you can see an overview of the winning combinations and the corresponding prizes. You already have a prize with three of the same symbols on an activated payline and you see that the symbols of the jackpot give you the highest prize.

Play the Golden Oldie for money or for free
You can play the Golden Oldie both for money and for free. You do not have to download anything for this, you can play it directly from your computer. When you have opened the game you can choose ”Play for real” or you play it for free with the practice credits that you get from Powerjackpot. With the free play of the Golden Oldie you can see how the game works and what it has to offer before you play with real money. If you want to gamble with real money on the Golden Oldie, simply click on the ”play for real” button. A menu will then open where you can log in or create an account. You can then deposit money into your account.

Play the Golden Oldie for real money
Of course it is much more exciting to play the Golden Oldie with real money so you can also collect the prizes that you have won. To deposit money into your account with Powerjackpot you can use iDeal, one of the most used payment systems in the Netherlands for all internet transactions but you can also pay with your phone. You get 13 credits for a call of 1.30 or you buy 8 credits for 80 cents. If you have won money you can submit a payment request via the special page in the menu. Powerjackpot ensures quick settlement and payment and you have your money won in your account the next day.