Multitimer Jackpot
Powerjackpot presents the Multitimer slot machine with Jackpot and iDeal pay
The Multitimer iDeal slot machine from Powerjackpot is exactly the multitimer as you are used to from the gambling hall or the catering industry.

But if you’re going to gamble on the multi-timer at Powerjackpot you can win a mystery jackpot that falls randomly.

For this jackpot you do not have to have a winning combination the computer just chooses a winner every now and then.

You will automatically see in your screen if you have won. You can also bet on this multitimer on bets 1.50 and 20.

On stake 20 you play 20 paylines with 4 reels.

The slot machines of powerjackpot belong to the slot machines that pay the most compared to a real slot machine.

The multi-timer all the way, this slot machine pays out so much that you just save money if you’re going to gamble on this

Paying money is easy and fast via iDeal and telephone, pay through your bank account. It can not be easier.