The Wildtimer slot machine from Powerjackpot is almost identical to the Oldtimer slot machine. However, there is 1 small difference and that is that with a bet of 20 credits per spin the Wild timer symbol is ”wild” and counts as a kind of joker and other symbols may fade to complete a winning combination. Furthermore this Wildtimer slot machine is very easy to play. For many players, this slot machine will also be an old acquaintance from the arcades and catering establishments. The Wildtimer is one of the slot machines in the Timer slot machine series.

How to play the Wildtimer slot machine from Powerjackpot
The Wildtimer fruit machine is very similar to the Oldtimer. He has a basic game and an upper game and these are played separately on the six reels. The basic game is played on the bottom three reels. You bet with 1 credit per spin and 1 payline is active. The price schedule for the basic game is shown to the right of the bottom rolls. Here you can see that with the appearance of star symbols, both horizontal and criss-cross, you can win 20 credits. You can see the Hold buttons below the reels. This allows you to secure a favorable combination for the next turn. You can reset this with the special reset button at the far left.

You play the follow-up game on the top three reels with bets of 4 or 20 credits per spin. There are then 5 active paylines and with the use of 20 credits per game round the symbol with the word ”game timer” is a kind of joker. This symbol may then count for any other symbol to make a winning combination. The prize scheme for the top game is shown to the right of the upper reels.

Play the Wildtimer for real money or for free
You can play the Wildtimer fruit machine with money or for free without download. If you choose to play for free you get a certain number of practice credits with which you can play the slot machine. That way you can see how to play him and what he has to offer. It goes without saying that when you play for free you can not really collect the prizes won, you have to play with real money for that. If you want to play with real money on the Wildtimer, click on the ”play for real” button. You then enter a menu where you can indicate whether you want to log in to your account, or if you want to create an account if you do not already have Powerjackpot. You can then deposit money into your account in a simple way to play.

Play the Wildtimer for real money
If you want to gamble with real money on the Wildtimer you first have to deposit money into your account with Powerjackpot. You can do this with the secure and reliable payment system iDeal or with your phone. For a call of 1.30 you get 13 credits or you buy 8 credits for 80 cents. If you have won money you can of course pay this out. You make a request for payment via the special page. Powerjackpot then ensures that your prize will be credited to your bank account the next day.